About Us

Established in autumn 2017, the Women’s Digital Club (WDC) is a free, inclusive community space for all women who wish to become more confident navigating an ever-changing digital world, through active learning and participation.

We continue to offer a diverse range of activities and events, co-ordinated by its members, for its members.

So, if you would like:

  • To regain your confidence after being out of the workplace for some time
  • Get your head around social media and the internet of things
  • Have a go at creating a website, blog or e-publishing
  • Explore our Makerspace’s creative equipment including the Padcaster, 3D printer, Raspberry Pis and Microbits
  • Understand coding in schools or explore coding for yourself
  • Work alongside others in pursuing your own digital projects in a supportive environment
  • Share your own skills and knowledge with like-minded women

Whatever your motivation, you (and your children) are very welcome!

Contact us at  womensdigitalclub@gmail.com

Follow us on Twitter @digital_womens

NB: If you are a confident coder & would like to support others in learning to program, particularly with Python, please contact us; your help would be very much appreciated!


Lois Marshall – Founder of Rent a Mum – Inspirational Support for Grownups

In the dim and distant past, I was always plucky at taking on a challenge to learn a new tech-based skill. Although yearning to bring my business to the public, it was after redundancy and a long recovery from a broken hip that I realized I was hopelessly out of touch with the digital world.  Website creation, Facebook, Twitter, internet marketing and the whole array of tools out there, designed to enable me to get this idea off the ground was baffling.  I felt a little lost, with no one to reach out to in a similar position and my confidence was low. Thank goodness I found out about the Women’s Digital Club. Here I was able to witness and participate in learning new skills. Sharing the journey with the group was invaluable to me. There was training in video creation, marketing, self-development and more. There was also support and equipment on hand enabling me to make promotional videos for the service.  The organizers are so friendly and so welcoming that it’s a very comfortable group to join. I’m now well on the way with my business. My confidence is high.  I have built a website and opened social media accounts and have a far better understanding of those things essential to business today.


11th September 2018

Lois Marshall