About Us

Established in autumn 2017, the Women’s Digital Club (WDC) is a free, inclusive community space for all women who wish to become more confident navigating an ever-changing digital world, through active learning and participation.

We continue to offer a diverse range of activities and events, co-ordinated by our members, for our members.

So, if you would like:

  • To regain your confidence after being out of the workplace for some time
  • Get your head around social media and the internet of things
  • Have a go at creating a website, blog or e-publishing
  • Explore our Makerspace’s creative equipment, such as the Padcaster, 3D printer, Raspberry Pis and Microbits
  • Understand coding in schools or explore coding for yourself
  • Work alongside others in pursuing your own digital projects in a supportive environment
  • Share your own skills and knowledge with like-minded women and hone your presentation skills

Whatever your motivation, you are very welcome!

And if you have a passion or experience that you would like to share with the Women’s Digital Club, please get in touch.

Contact us at  womensdigitalclub@gmail.com

Follow us on Twitter @digital_womens


NB: If you are a confident coder or have I.T. knowledge and expertise and would like to support others in learning to program, develop websites, etc, please contact us: your help would be very much appreciated!


Listen to Surrey Hills Radio when they featured the Women’s Digital Club…



Having both taught & lectured, I am passionate about lifelong learning & the Women’s Digital Club has been a great opportunity to learn about so many varied & interesting things.  I’m not interested in starting my own business &, because of my caring responsibilities, I am not able to actively look for paid employment at the moment, but the Club is still a place that enriches my life & opens my eyes to so many new things.

It has enabled me to keep pace with my own children’s learning in school & I have been able to introduce them to new experiences; following on from a WDC session on WordPress, for example, I was able to encourage my son to create his own website to introduce children to the world of politics.

The joy of the Women’s Digital Club is that members come from a wide variety of experiences & backgrounds, have a variety of interests & bring many different strengths, so that we are all able to support each other & enrich each other’s lives.  Oh, & we get to have a cuppa & a biscuit!


What does WDC mean to me?

After career breaks it has helped to update my knowledge and provided an opportunity to learn new skills e.g. Python.  It has been great to learn how members are using new technology in their own businesses e.g. Pycom & the Padcaster for promotional videos.

How has technology impacted on my life?

New technology is increasingly part of so many aspects of my life, from work and education to banking, shopping and in the home.  The WDC gives a way of sharing knowledge and information.