Having both taught & lectured, I am passionate about lifelong learning & the Women’s Digital Club has been a great opportunity to learn about so many varied & interesting things.  I’m not interested in starting my own business &, because of my caring responsibilities, I am not able to actively look for paid employment at the moment, but the Club is still a place that enriches my life & opens my eyes to so many new things.

It has enabled me to keep pace with my own children’s learning in school & I have been able to introduce them to new experiences; following on from a WDC session on WordPress, for example, I was able to encourage my son to create his own website to introduce children to the world of politics.

The joy of the Women’s Digital Club is that members come from a wide variety of experiences & backgrounds, have a variety of interests & bring many different strengths, so that we are all able to support each other & enrich each other’s lives.  Oh, & we get to have a cuppa & a biscuit!


What does WDC mean to me?

After career breaks it has helped to update my knowledge and provided an opportunity to learn new skills e.g. Python.  It has been great to learn how members are using new technology in their own businesses e.g. Pycom & the Padcaster for promotional videos.

How has technology impacted on my life?

New technology is increasingly part of so many aspects of my life, from work and education to banking, shopping and in the home.  The WDC gives a way of sharing knowledge and information.


When I saw WDC advertised at the Library I decided to go along even though I’m a very Senior Silver Surfer.

The Organisers are very friendly as is the rest of the Group who sit around a table (rather than in rows), so you can see who you are discussing and debating with.

I soon realised though that I wished I had encountered such an organisation when I was a lot younger.

LADIES – If you are working on flexi-time do get your Boss to let you off on Thursday mornings (term time)

LADIES – If you are working from home or self-employed, do try and spare time to go to the Library on Thursday morning 10 a.m. – 12 or 12.30 (term time)

MUMS – If you are taking a break from the working environment to bring up your family, you would still enjoy these sessions on Thursday morning (term time); they will keep you up to date, ready for when you decide to return to work.

TEENAGERS – Encourage Mum to go along to these sessions; she may be able to help you if you are thinking of going into IT as a career.

The Speakers sometimes come from within the Group; one outside Speaker who had a Computer Science Degree, set up her own business called PYCOM and was very interesting.

Surrey Library Service has provided an excellent Speaker on several occasions, also University of Surrey who’ve all put their talks/discussions over in an easy to understand way.

One day we used a Padcaster which was great fun.

You are also kept well informed by an e-mail prior to the Meetings and a follow up after the Meeting.

Pycom – Freecycle – Scratch – Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn – Instagram – Python  are some examples of subjects discussed.

LADIES – This is all free – how lucky you are!

Sheila, an octagenarian

Thoughts from Christine, a WDC member

I particularly treasure the ways that the Internet and social media have allowed women to develop their voice, and to come together to share experience and ideas, support one another and campaign for what matters to them.
And I celebrate the contribution of WDC to making that happen on a local scale!

Christine, a WDC member

“Technology has made a massive change to women’s lives. It has allowed many women to start their own businesses and to work from home, as well as work more flexible hours. A downside would have to be the amount of admin that has been offloaded onto customers/parents however.

The Digital Women’s Club has given me the opportunity to hear many interesting speakers, get up to date with current technologies and hear from other inspiring women, both as speakers and other participants.”

February 2019

A WDC Member

Thoughts from a WDC Member…

WDC to me means a supportive space to discover and catch up on aspects of technology and the digital world. It is a fantastic place to come and learn about different aspects of technology in a friendly, informative and totally unpatronising way. Plenty of women feel ‘left behind’ on digital matters and this is a great way to catch up.

How technology is changing my life: 

As a mother – a source of stress and worry as to how my children are using technology ( and how it is using them). I’m concerned about the long term effects of technology on this new generation who are using it from early childhood.

As a writer – a wonderful source of information at my finger-tips.

As a woman – fabulous new ways to communicate and stay connected.

As a citizen – deep concerns about how technology is impinging on democracy.

I’m sure the digital world will keep changing ever more quickly and it will be harder and harder to keep up. How will AI affect us? How is our data used to manipulate what we buy and how we vote? It may be that we understand these things too late…

So for me a mix of highly positive and deeply negative aspects…. which makes it all the more important to try to keep up.

February 2019

Alice, a WDC Member

Thoughts from Alice, a WDC Member

Lois Marshall – Founder of Rent a Mum – Inspirational Support for Grownups

In the dim and distant past, I was always plucky at taking on a challenge to learn a new tech-based skill. Although yearning to bring my business to the public, it was after redundancy and a long recovery from a broken hip that I realized I was hopelessly out of touch with the digital world.  Website creation, Facebook, Twitter, internet marketing and the whole array of tools out there, designed to enable me to get this idea off the ground was baffling.  I felt a little lost, with no one to reach out to in a similar position and my confidence was low. Thank goodness I found out about the Women’s Digital Club. Here I was able to witness and participate in learning new skills. Sharing the journey with the group was invaluable to me. There was training in video creation, marketing, self-development and more. There was also support and equipment on hand enabling me to make promotional videos for the service.  The organizers are so friendly and so welcoming that it’s a very comfortable group to join. I’m now well on the way with my business. My confidence is high.  I have built a website and opened social media accounts and have a far better understanding of those things essential to business today.


11th September 2018

Lois Marshall